A natural meeting place – year-round

A natural meeting place
– year-round
There is always an abundance to discover – regardless of the season. Here we list some of the most important reasons to book a conference on Gotland.

Always nearby

Just over half an hour from Stockholm by plane or three hours by boat. There are flights to Visby year-round from Stockholm-Bromma, Stockholm-Arlanda, Gothenburg and Malmö. The summer months bring additional direct flights. In Visby there are just over 1,000 hotel rooms in close proximity to Wisby Strand Congress & Event.

Different than the rest

City wall, roses and narrow alleyways. Fishing hamlets, rauks and more lambs than you can count. New experiences await around every corner, and sometimes history wakes up, comes alive and throws a party in the medieval ruins.

The St. Clemen church ruins from the 11th century are from one of Visby’s oldest churches.

Accustomed to hosting

Gotland has one reference that no one else has – Almedalen Week in Visby! During the same week in July every year, over 20,000 visitors, massive transportation and hundreds of daily activities are coordinated. In addition to Almedalen Week, many major conferences are organised on Gotland; the largest of these was the 2011 Surgeon Week with 1,700 participants.

Personal and personable

When you hold a conference on Gotland, we want to make sure you experience the island’s gems. You will meet suppliers who offer personal service and genuine warmth and who do everything in their power to make sure you are in love when you leave, either with them or the island – or both!

Asparagus is only one of many vegetables that thrive in the chalky and acidic soil.

Asparagus is only one of many vegetables that thrive in the chalky and acidic soil.

Not the place to avoid sunshine

Gotland won the SVT national sunshine league competition, Solligan, in 2013 as the sunniest spot in Sweden; Gotland has by far won first prize the most number of times since the competition began in 1990. This means that without a doubt, Gotland is the sunniest spot in the country. It naturally rains sometimes, but this usually means brief showers, and it is frequently sunny on the other side of the island.