Active recreation

Gotland is perhaps most well-known for its nature, and that’s no accident. The island is a smörgåsbord for people interested in nature, offering astounding surroundings here and there. These experiences are not just for people on a temporary visit, however, but also for residents. One of the advantages of living on Gotland is that you have all of these experiences extremely close to your own home. For example, how many pass through a living World Heritage Site on their way to work or have an opportunity to begin every new summer day with a dip in the sea?

Gotlanders also have a tradition of working together in pursuit of common interests, and that is reflected in their membership in associations, among other things. Instead of a few large associations here, there are 1,000 small ones that jointly have more than 50,000 members. In fact, Gotland has a higher concentration of associations than any other county in Sweden. In other words, if you have a special interest, the chances are very good that you will find an association where you can meet like-minded people, whether you like handicrafts, football, choral singing or model airplanes. This also is an excellent way for new arrivals to make new contacts.

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Below we have gathered information that will make it easier for you to find what interests you, including Region Gotland’s list of associations.