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Moving doesn’t always just entail changing your location, house and job; it can also mean that you have to move your children to a new and unfamiliar environment. As a matter of fact, that is one of the most common misgivings that we encounter at Inflyttarbyrån. Fortunately, we can assure you that it’s often the least problem. Children tend to adapt fastest of all to their new life on Gotland.

This is due in part to the fact that we have a good geographical distribution of our preschools – about 40 of them spread across the entire island. As a result, the nearest preschool is seldom far away, and that means that children can spend more time with their families. Unlike compulsive school, you as parents must make an active choice with respect to your preschool. Moreover, the application process can appear different, depending on the activity in question, and there are different queue systems for different preschools.

To apply to some of the municipal preschools, get in touch with Region Gotland.

For the independent preschools, contact the respective school:

Regarding the compulsive schools, there are many of them and they are spread across the entire island, from the inner town of Visby to both large and small schools in the countryside. Most of the schools have preschool and forms 1-6, while forms 7-9 are in the chief towns of Visby, Fårösund, Slite, Roma, Klinte and Hemse. The school your child gets depends on where you take up residence. Normally, you will have a “home school” in which you automatically are offered a place. You also have an opportunity to choose a school yourself, either by enrolling in an independent school or by actively seeking a place in another municipal school. Region Gotland is enacting freer choice of compulsive schools as long as space permits, and you can read more about this on its homepage.

You can read more about the municipal schools here –

Useful links for children and young people

On Gotland all students are offered a bus card that allows them to ride free on public transport during the school year. Read more here:

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