Top 10

From the medieval wall to the beautiful coast of Eksta, among other things.

We have collected some of Gotland’s most popular sites, primarily for those who are new to Gotland and who wants to discover the places everyone’s talking about. These sites are in many ways the essence of Gotland.

Gotland is perhaps best known for its sea stacks, which originates from a time when Gotland was located near the equator. Much has happened since then but sea stacks stands there still, proud and strong monuments from a past era. The world heritage site of Visby is another obvious point on the to-do list, both as an attraction in itself but also as a backdrop to the bustling street life.

This is obviously just a small sample of what the island has to offer but it’s a good start. Additionally, you will surely find further adventures along the way.

Places we visited in this article