Short distances

Gotland may be the Baltic Sea’s largest island but the distances are nevertheless relatively short. From north to south distance is about 170 kilometers, and at its widest point Gotland measuring approximately 50 kilometers.

Short distances give short trips. Short trips mean more time to experience all the attractions the island has to offer.

In Visby there is basically no need for vehicles, possibly apart from a bicycle. The medieval town center is ideal for a nice walk and even if you have limited time, you can experience the major sights in just a few hours. If you want to go out in the countryside , which you do, it can however be fine with a vehicle, whether it is a bike, a car or even a public transport buses.

Gotland is in many ways the promised land of road trips, partly because of the moderately short distances but also because you can make your journey just as you want it. Make a spontaneous stop at one of the many flea markets, stay at a cozy bed & breakfast or have an ordinary cup of coffee at an all but ordinary café. On Gotland distances are short, between places as well as people.