Welcome to Gotland

Always close to nature

and exciting experiences

Gotland is known for the beautiful nature, rich culture and many historical sites. The 80-mile long coastline offers spectacular views and inviting opportunities for swimming and relaxing walks. You can find a wide range of accommodation for all types of travelers and a gastronomic diversity based on locally produced ingredients.

This is Gotland

Enjoy the island’s natural beauty and numerous outdoor activities or explore the medieval town of Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Gotland offers a wide range of fresh and delicious local produce, including truffles and asparagus – have a taste of a culinary paradise for food lovers.

Explore Gotland the way you like.

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Travel comfortably to Gotland

It is easy to get here and so many reasons to return. Find the best way to travel to Gotland, by ferry or air.

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Langhammars raukområde på Fårö

Sea, soil, soul – beauty
of the northern spring

Meet the season of spring in the northern part of Gotland. Get inspired by the barrenness and the open horizon.

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Visit Visby and explore
a World Heritage Site

Visby is a beautiful Hanseatic town known for its well-preserved medieval architecture. Eat lunch at a cozy café, explore the southern cliffs and visit a glassblower.

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Snirklig väg och cykel på Storsudret

Southern sustainability
and picturesque beauty

The south of Gotland is a great destination for those looking for a unique, sustainable, and picturesque experience.

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