How do you get on the Swedish population registry in Gotland?

Registration on the Swedish population registry (Folkbokföring/Mantalsskrivning) is done through the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Bring along identification. This can also be done on the Internet. You can report a move for yourself as well as for other family members (spouse, registered partner, children and parents) who live in the same residence as you. You can also report a move for a live-in partner if you have children in common and are registered on the population registry at the same residence. www.skatteverket.se

It costs nothing to report a move.

How do I get mail at my new address?

If you want to have your mail forwarded, turn to the Swedish address change website. www.adressandring.se

Services for people immigrating or moving to Gotland.

The Immigration Service (Integrationsenheten) addresses both immigrants and municipal residents on Gotland. You can get information on residence permits and information about arranging for a place to live and applying for economic support. There is also information here about which agency or organisation can provide assistance for your different needs.

Telephone +46 (0)498-20 35 05

The Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) also has good information on its homepage. The board considers applications from people who want to visit, live or seek asylum in Sweden or who want to become Swedish citizens.

Migrationsverket homepage

How does one take one’s place in the queue for child care?

To take your place in the queue for municipal preschools, there is an electronic form on Region Gotland’s homepage; for private preschools, you get in touch with the preschool in which you want to enrol your child. You will find a list and more information on which private preschools are available at the following link: www.gotland.se/50113

What is the preschool queue situation on Gotland?

Gotland has a child care guarantee of four months, which means that your child is guaranteed a place within four months in the admission area where you live.

How do I get a reduced price for boat travel with Destination Gotland, the so-called Gotland discount?

If you are registered in the municipality of Gotland, you travel at a fixed price, the Gotland discount. You will find more on which prices apply on Destination Gotland’s homepage www.destinationgotland.se/Farja/

Are there moving companies on Gotland?

There are three moving companies on Gotland, and you will find their contact information here:

How do health care and the choice of health care work on Gotland?

As a new arrival, you will get a letter at home with information about how you go about choosing a doctor and/or care centre. A letter to new arrivals is sent out at the end of every month.

If you have more questions, send an email to sjukvarden@gotland.se

How do I find a house to buy on Gotland?

Most of the Gotland properties arranged by brokers are listed on Hemnet. www.hemnet.se

Booli is a similar site where you can find final prices of properties that have already been sold and thereby develop an understanding of what lodging can cost in a certain area.

Here are also contact information to all the local brokers on the island.

Where do I find flats for rent on Gotland?

There are flats for rent all around the entire island. Visit our Renting Lodging page, where you will find contact information for many of the island’s landlords.

What are association activities like on Gotland?

On Gotland there are more than 1,000 associations that jointly have more than 50,000 members. Gotland has a higher concentration of associations than any other county in Sweden. In other words, if you have a special interest, the chances are very good that you will find an association where you can meet like-minded people, whether you like handicrafts, football, choral singing or model airplanes. This also is an excellent way for new arrivals to make new contacts. Read more on our Activities and Leisure page.