Design and form

The Gotlandic design has often been praised, both in Sweden and internationally. Gotland has always been a place where many creative businesses seek. Therefore there is a wide range of designers, with exciting materials and endless creativity.

Ceramics and concrete

Gotland design and form have often been acclaimed at home and abroad. You can choose from a broad array of unique products, something for every taste from small potters and glassblowers to concrete designers. Most artisans open their doors to visitors and gladly show how they work. Throughout the year and all across the island, signs along the road point the way to studios and farm shops.

Wool, leather and textiles

Gotland is known for the many lambs on the island. And as a matter of fact, we call them lambs even if they are the fully grown animals that are called sheep in the rest of the country. The sumptuous limestone-grey wool has always been a popular material in the hands of designers. Take home a whole lambskin as a classic memento of your stay. But you can shop for many more bargains. Artists also commonly work with other types of leather and textiles. Feel free to visit a studio and see how the creations take shape.


Many artists find their way to Gotland to exercise their creativity. Asking why creativity flourishes in this particular place produces as many answers as there are artists on the island. But certainly proximity to the sea, the company of other creative people and access to unique natural materials play a big role. Gotland Museum of Art in Visby’s town centre displays several exhibitions within different art forms. Many artists also present their own art in their studios throughout the island.

Active experiences

Sightseeing and excursions

Gotland is made to order for exploring on your own. It is easy to get here and the distances involved are short. But to be sure that you don’t miss anything during your Gotland visit, it can also be practical to turn to knowledgeable people for guidance. That might involve riding a train around Visby and listening to a savvy narrator. Film buffs have the option of getting acquainted with Ingmar Bergman’s Fårö.

Spelunkers won’t want to miss the chance to join a group exploring one of Sweden’s longest caves, Lummelundagrottan just north of Visby.

Whether your interests are birdwatching, fishing or something completely different, you can take part in organised excursions with experienced guides dedicated to ensuring that you get the most from your visit.

Cycling on Gotland

Cycling has always been popular on Gotland. There’s nothing like whizzing along at your own pace through lush greenery and along stretches of the coast. The island is made for cycling. The flat countryside is conducive to moderately long rides. If you don’t have a bicycle of your own, you can rent one on the spot. You also can get help in selecting tours best suited to you. Bicycle routes on Gotland are constantly being expanded, and the whole family can get around on them in safety. For mountain bikers there is plenty of challenging terrain to explore.

Interest in traveling by motorcycle and moped also is increasing. If you don’t have your own wheels, there are excellent options for renting a vehicle. Take part in a motorcycle safari if you prefer not to explore on your own.