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Stora sällskap
Precis vid stranden på Gotlands västra sida i skuggan av de hundra år gamla martallarna ligger Surflogiet. Ett litet paradis med rötterna i surfkulturen, ett stort hjärta för livsstilen och hur vi tar hand om jorden vi lever på.
Friends and family gather here to enjoy some unforgettable days in one of the island’s most beautiful places. We are happy to share our passion for the sea and it is precisely the sound of the waves that makes you fall asleep at night. Rested and hungry for new adventures, you wake up at the beach at dawn. — 
 It’s the chirping of birds that wakes you up this morning. Reflexively, you reach for the phone, but stop yourself the next moment. Instead, you open the zipper in the tent fabric and feel the hair rise on the back of your neck. The gaze wanders over the Gotland meadow, the sandy beach and the boats out on the sparkling sea. So far, your partner is sleeping unaware that you are currently serving breakfast on the first floor. You are here to experience, log out and just enjoy the magic that the beach, the sea and Gotland give you. The days are interspersed with surfing and swimming, before turning into dinners on the beach in the evening. 
Stay and enjoy life on the beach. Book STAY to have time to just pray. The hammock, the beach, the kayak, the yoga, there is no rush you are here to stay.
 4 nights incl. breakfast. Free access to equipment such as surfboards, SUP, wetsuits, kayaks, bicycles & sauna, as well as a welcome drink. — To read about more of our accommodation packages or to book your accommodation already, welcome to:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    —
DOUBLE Our double rooms are perfect for you and the person you love most. The tent is furnished with two luxurious beds, duvets and pillows from the horse. It is also possible to book a baby crib for the little one. LODGE 
A lodger is perfect for the family or friends who long to spend time with each other. The tents are furnished with four luxurious beds, duvets and pillows from the horse.

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